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The Advanced Course will consist of 2 laps around the route making it 4.0 miles

Beginner Course

Silo Citytm Beginner Run

The run will begin after transitioning off of your bike near the Marine A Silo.  From here you will run into and through the silo and out the other side.  After you come up a half flight of stairs and out the opposite end of the silo you will begin a meandering trail run throughout the newly made trail between cattails and fields. Trail running shoes are STRONGLY encouraged.  Once crossing Childs Street you will run between a corridor of towering silos before entering another silo and coming out the other end.  Here is where you will approach the finish line where you can rest, have a snack at various Buffalo food trucks and celebrate with your friends and family as you have just completed the second annual Feel Rite Fresh Market Buffalo Paddle-Bike-Run.